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Thursday, 04.07.2019

When I heared we will do our holidays in "dog-back" (Hunsrück) I thought about a village full of dogs...

But my mistress putted my idea out of my head. But doesn't matter - I was really excited.

After a 6 hours drive we arrived in our holiday flat surrounded by silence....Forrest, fields, air, horses, birds... A little village composed of 17 houses. Hiking trails started cloes to our home. So - if there wouldn't have been the heat - we would have been able to hike for hours. But so my family had to take care that everyone was comfortable with the situation.

So the two weeks were full of relaxing. Nevertheless  we get some news - I'm going to be a daddy!

Physical changes of Alia are visible. Until now pregnancy went really well and so we hope Alia enjoys the time until 22nd of July together with her family.

The little lion hunters are partly searching for a for-ever-home.

If you are interested please contact:

Fam. Müntzenberg

phone: +(49)34244 59747


What happens with the puppies until birth? See here.

Monday, 10.06.2019

The temperatures reached a good level so the show-outdoor-season started. For the third time we participated at the dog-show in Schöningen ... But this year there was only rain and fog ... But we tried to make the best of this day.

We gained a great "exc" under judge Stefan Slinko (SLO) and shined instead of the missing sun.

And then it happened: while walking over the area Jenny slided away on the wet meadow. After a stop in the hospital we had the diagnose: cruciate rupture, OP, rehab ... cumpolsory break for many months...

Who should go to the show ring now together with me? Or do I even have a cumpolsory break until Jenny is fit again? But the next event - the DZRR-Clubschau in Prichsenstadt - waited. 

So my mistress built a "new team" ... and she also had to manage my mating.

So we started daily training under Jennys strict expression to get our routine. So we started forearmed to Franconian. It was a great, successful and satisfying weekend at the equestrian farm of family Kaim. The sun shined nearly the whole weekend and so "Team 2" had many reasons to shine also.

On both days we started together with more then 20 males in open class. On saturday we were overjoyed because we left the ring as one of the last 8 "excellent" males. On sunday we also gained a great "very good". So we went successful through our baptism of fire.

A great thank you to my showhandler Jenny, to helpful Helen, to everyone in and around the ring and of course to mi mistress.

Before our summerbreak we also participated at the Międzynarodową Wystawa Psów Rasowych in Bytom/PL and gained under judge Thorsten Lemmer (BG) an excellent 2nd place. :)

But very soon it means now: Let's go into holiday!

I will report about it. Or we will see us again in Nürnberg?

Have a great time. I'm out.

Tuesday, 21.05.2019

To the polish Baltic Sea

On the last day of April a big car came up our street and everyone was happy about this fact... ?!?!?

My family organized a long weekend together with Shani and her family for testing if we like driving by campervan and if we maybe can go by camper to holiday.

At the beginning I was a bit sceptical... but then: everything was cuddly and I'm an the road with my family. So nothing can go wrong.

Directly on the first evening we "made" many kilometers and drove through to the Ostrowe Lake (between Swiebodzin und Gorzow Wielkopolski). Before sleeping we had a very late but nevertheless great meal.

On the next morning we were able to see, how beautiful the camping area was: a lot of green, lakes, forest around, silence ... and alomost only german camper.

We started the day quite slowly and then drove to Ustronie Morskie (my mistress drove very well and safe). After making everything cozy we went to the beach. BALTIC SEA!!!

It was so great. I didn't recognized the low temperatures and the strong wind this evening: big beaches, less people, sand and so much space - just great!!

We spent the evening together in a camper, because outside it was very unpleasent weather.

After a walk the next morning we drove a long the polish Baltic Sea to Leba and stayed two days. We had a lot of space for playing, watching and relaxing (there were only four more camper). Even the temperature was lower than 4 °C we had a "winter"barbecue outside and spent lovely hours together. Also the nearby beach was great again.

Before we started the journey back to home via Poznan we made a quick stop in Gdansk. The humans wanted to make a short sightseeing. Unfortunatelly we had not that much time and the clouds didn't look so super. 

After a 4hours-rainy-drive we arrived in Poznan. With an epic sunset we sit together for the last time during this holiday and drove back home the next morning after a long walk through Poznan. 

We safely arrived after 1750 km on sunday in Dresden. While my humans had to clean the camper I dreamed of sandbeaches and playing with Shani...

So my humans decided that we want to repeat this kind of holidays. During the preseason the polish Baltic Sea can only be recommended. 

Wednesday, 24.04.2019

The weekend before Easter we participated at the 10th international dogshow in Chemnitz. Under strict judge M. Klopsch we hat to share the small ring with 15 other show-teams. Everything went fine, no problems between the boys. :)

All in all the day and the mood in and out of the ring was very calm. We had anyway the best ring-neighbors we could have: Shani and her pack had their show premiere. For the first time, she was very relaxed. Also her mistress was very relaxed. I think my mistress has to talk to her...

Once doen't count. And so we went on Good Friday to Prague.

On saturday Jenny and I wanted to start at the PRAGUE EXPO DOG. But on friday we already visited the zoo of Prague. Zoo??

Yes!! In Prague all kind of dogs are allowed to enter the zoo. Dog-cinema. But at the beginning every other dog was quite more interesting than the animals. 

My family wanted to show me a real lion (They thought I would't know how a lion looks like...). We didn't see a lion, but another big cat.... a tiger....

After three hours I was totally done. Back in our hotel I drowsy at something and after that I fell in wild dreams.

Also the saturday was (except for waking up early) really relaxed. We were ready at 12 a.m. because after every show we directly got our judges reports.

So we were able to relax above the Easterdays in Dresden:

Thursday, 07.03.2019

Friday, 08.02.2019

It is not only winter in all calenders, we also had some great snowy days in Dresden. So I started a new "hobby": I'm always looking for some little mice under the snow. But they seem to be faster than me so I have to try it again and again.

After a two month winter break my mistress wanted to start the showyear. So we drove to Brno (CZ) to participate at the DUO CACIB. We slept in hotel Myslivna, a cosy hotel which was well occupied by dog-people, surrounded by a big park.

We were also able to visit the center of Brno an saturday.

For the first time in 2019 we are satisfied ("vg" on both days) but of course we have to improve ourselves.

My family also learned some new things about dogshows, even if they expect nearly the same routine at every dogshow:

        - even if your going to an international show English isn't the main language, the people            like to talk in their language

        - it is possible to get a coffe while judging

        - the order of judging is not the same like the order of the dogs in a class, also a double-

          judging is possible.

Nevertheless: we had fun in- and outside the ring

In Czech you get the judging reports immediatly after leaving the ring so the days at the showground are not that long like in Germany. So we went early into the german winter-chaos.

We will see what happens in the next days, I will definitly enjoy wintertime.

Turn of the year 2018/2019

Everyone says christmas time is a time for relaxing, calming down, doing nothing...

This year my pack was only partial successfull. And it is also my fault...

Eveything started with a phone call on 16.12...But later more :-) :-) ... or here

Christmas rush I did with my whole pack. You know: being right in the middle is much more better than just being enclosed.

After a lot of food we said: come on, go outside into the Saxon Switzerland. Great, that we met whirlwind Shani and here pack there.

Luckily weather became better while hiking, so everyone was able to enjoy the sun. Together with Shani I had so much fun with runnig through the grassland. But I do not really understand why she was frightened at me...

"Shani, I promise I will calm down (much) more next year, so you are going to win!!!"

I hope we will see us again very soon!!

And I really like RR-girls...So I had another playday with three (!!) girls.

So my family made an agreement with the pack of the kennel Panda-ma-Tenga to meet before silvester. I met Samaya, Chiara and Aluna with really bad weather for a walk through the Dresdner Heide.

And we had soooo much fun. Doesn't matter if water, scrub, paths: Chiara and Samaya had a possibly record-breaking speed. But I also had my chance to play with this girls.

Sadly the fornoon was over quite too fast. Me - and of xourse my pack - are hoping that we will meet again not just for the next show but also for walks in Dresden.

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