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date of birth                  05.09.2016

puppies                        11 (5/6)                          

colour                          redwheaten          

height                           66 cm

weight                          38,5 kg

In february/march 2018 we fulfilled the necessary tests for breeding and got these fantastic results:


Dilute (colour dilution):                      D/D (homozygous)       

JME (Juvenile Myoklonische Epilepsie):   N/N (no carrier)

DM (Degenerative Myelopathie):           N/N (no carrier, homozygous)             

HD (hip dysplasia):                            A1 (free)

ED (elbow dysplasia)                         free

OCD (Osteochondrosis dissecans):         free

transitional vortex:                            free



Dayo has a complete scissor bite and a correct tail. Dermoid sinus (DS) has been excluded.

In April 2018 a spermiogram has been made.

You can request every result of analysis if you want.

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