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I think every human got the longing for a family pet - a dog in my case - at least once in lifetime. But sometimes the circumstances are in contrast to your wish so you have to wait until you can accomplish your desire.

In 2008 I grappled more intensive with the possible dog-adventure. My three children Jan, Jenny & Helen were out of the woods and I was looking for a new "job".

Accidentally (?) we got to know a family with ridgebacks in one of our vacations. The enthusiasm was aroused.

I perused every available information about the breed, possible breeders in the vicinity etc. at the turn of the year 2008/2009. Over time I could convince my husband Falk of a dog as a family member... (addicted jogger have sometimes some prejudice against dogs).

And then the time has come: in may 2009 our first ridgeback-boy Akil Rahimu moved in. Dog-novices and Rhodesian Ridgebacks? Yes!!! I claim with my today's knowledge that every dog-breed brings along highs and lows.

We had to let Akil go above the rainbow bridge in january 2016. He was not even seven years old...


Fairly quickly we noticed that we were missing "something", although we wanted to utilise our "freedom" at the beginning. In a range of hours I tried to divert my sad thoughts in front of the world wide web I found the homapge of the kennel Tunapendana.

And there it was again: this fire.


We were incredible happy when (Ekun-)Dayo was born in september 2016. Since november 2016 this little whirlwind deranges our life on some days.

Together with the parents-in-law we are living at the edge of Dresden, just a few minutes away of vast fields and ways through the Saxon Switzerland.

Our children strike out their one's own, but they are on a visit regularly.


Meanwhile we are a great team and we never want to do without "The Face" again.

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Schönfelder Hochland
Schönfelder Hochland_2
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