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thursday, 13.12.2018

We started on saturday after breakfast because the dog show only took place on sunday. After 1,5 hour drive by car we arrived in our hotel. Because it is Christmas Time we went through Prague town. Unfortunately the weather wasn't that great, so we have to come back to enjoy the view again.

On sunday we had to go out very early because we wanted to participate at Expo Dog Prague. But in comparison to May it was more bustling. Together with 9 other dogs we were judged by Grzegorz Weron in open class and gained a "very good".

And shall I tell you something else? Because of the faster documenting in the show ring we were able to arrive at home punctual for cake and coffee.

After that I had some days for relaxing and than we went to Kassel.

On both days RR were judged in two show rings. So we really enjoy if we are having time to talk to friends, other breeders and visitors while waiting. This time we really had a Saxon-camp: four boys and three girls showed what they learned until now. :-)

On saturday all boys and their handlers  had to be very patient - we had to wait 75 minutes (!!!) very concentrated in the ring. Normally bigger classes are divided into groups of 5 or 6, so it is more relaxed for everyone.

But for luck we found a big field after the show where I was able to run.

So the organization at the second day could just be better :-)

And we were not dissapointed: 20 dogs in open class were judged in groups by Jochen Eberhardt.

Like on saturday we gained a "very good". Maybe it wasn't the best result but my two-legged friends were proud as always. They said it was a great end of the show year.

friday, 23.11.2018

Poznań, 17/18 listopada 2018

A lot of dog-exibitors decided to travel the long way to Dortmund the last weekend. But we decided to go a new way.

Fridayafternoon my mistress had a little trouble with the traffic jam along the A13, A12, A2. We planned to participate at two dogshows in Poznan and to experience the differences to dogshows in Germany.  Beforhand the communication was easy and we got all information by post.

Normally we are (very) early at the showground to settled down and to organie ourselfs. And right from te beginning we recognized differences: two other breeds were judged before the RR in the same ring, the rings were veeeery huge and there is special floor for running. You were also not allowed to train in the ring, we had to go to a special trainring.

With a lot of patience (on both days) we waited until our class was judged. Unusual, but no problem for me was that there were three judges instead of one in the ring.

A problem was the language barrier... Unfortunately we are (yet) not able to speak polish and the judges did not wanted (?!) to speak english... So maybe because of this we had n chance in competition against the Polish and their dogs. But we did our very best on both days.

At the first day we gained an "excellent" and at the second day a "very good". So we are satisfied with our premiere. Something very strange was the EMPTY report on sunday...

The meaning of this my mistress and Jenny were not able to explain...

I think we are going to atleast one more show in Poland to evaluate our experiences....

Do widzenia w Polsce

monday, 12.11.2018

I had a great time with my family at the Baltic Sea in october. We stayed in Lenste near GRÖMITZ.

What shall I say? Out of 14 days of vacation we could do 12 beach-days beacause of the great golden autumn.

Empty beaches (except you are going at the main beach of Grömitz at the weekend....), relaxed dog-people and a lot of play mates in every size.

My master wanated to swagger and went into the sea... Not on my watch! This time I did not try to rescue him. I've learned since last year that he will be back sometime because of coldness.

We were able to start many activities from our holidayhouse: by walking, by bike or by car. So on one day we travelled to Fehmarn (about 40 km), to Heiligenhafen or to lovely little beaches like in Kellenhusen, Ostermade, Lenste/Grömitz etc...

You can ee some pictures above. BUT you have to be careful: if your car is too high it might be possible that you can't stop everywhere you want.

My mistress was happy about the B.A.R.F.-shop in Grömitz where she was able to buy everything I needed for food.

In my opinion our vacation could have been longer!!

One thing do I know still today: next year we are going to travel again to the Baltic Sea. Our destiation? You will read it here.

thursday, 11.10.2018

"This evening Shaaaaaaaaniiiiii will arrive"... :-)

Nearly the whole friday I had to listen to this sentence...

But who or what is Shani? New food? A new toy? New jewels? Or....

Yeeees, a Ridgeback-girl and I know her somehow...?!?

Exactly. She is living in the Saxon Switzerland and we already played a lot together. So we will see if she enjoyes my home...

But what was that? Her family brought everything you just could imagine: blankets, a kennel, toys, food... is she going to stay the whole weekend??

And yes, she did. But why everybody is so happy about this fact?

OMG, a 6 month old "baby". At first I had to tell her who is in charge and who is petted first.

We had an uneven start into the weekend because everytime I wanted to play she just squeaked an ran away.

Boring. You can't play with her...

So I paced myself. And look: my pearl (=Shani) became more and more brave. On sunday evening her family was wondering how forceful she was when the wanted to pick her up.

And inbetween? We got along well!! Before midday we walked seperated with one human, tan we ate something delicious, slept a little bit and afternoons we had a lot of fun at my fields.

And the little pygmy was very stubborn. So I enjoyed playing with her.

But that sore how the photos are looking it wasn't - we didn't hurt each other.

In sum... it was so great!!!

Everybody (including me) agreed: we want to repeat it.

But now I'm ready for vacation ....

So let's go to the Baltic Sea!!


wednesday, 19.09.2018

tuesday, 21.08.2018


We did it!!!!


We are happy, proud and relieved to announce that Dayo successfully passed his breeding examination without any restrictions on 11th August 2018 in Bovenden (judge: Petra Stracke)


More details here

Summer, sun, holidays!!!

Now I also want to report about my holidays. My humans often say how great it is to relax after doing nothing.

And this is what I did after the holidays: doing nothing, paws up and play at sleep.


Buuuuut: it was beautiful.

We arrived in the middle of nowhere. A village, surrounded by nature....Immediately after our first round we noticed that a postbox was the only public institution there.

Directly at the first day we started to explore the environment. At 7:30 in the morning we began with our first walk (in the first week I still enjoyed it...). Beyond the street a great network of trails began and so we were able to walk different trails every day. And because of the great weather during the holidays we walked every day!!

In Schalkenmehren a lovely ice-cream shop was located so we walked and walked to get there. I dared myself on the view-tower Aarley; the castle ruin in Neroth was adventurous; and I often had the chance to take a bath in the river Lieser....but I don't like water; we enjoyed the view by the Belvedere in Manderscheid and so on...

Really great environment and nature to calm down and relax the soul

But. If the humans overdo....the dog has to pull the rip-line. So in the second week my motivation was on a very very low level and at the end I just had one wish: let's drive home...into our daily routine...which isn't as stressful as our holiday.


Of course I have some pictures for you: 

monday, 25.06.2018


Trying out something new? Yeeeeeeeeees!!!


So on Whitmonday I went together with my family to the small city Tüttleben. We entered the grounds of the Thüringer Windhundeclub e.V. to participate in a Coursing-training. We were so excited, especially after the contentious discussion before...

Over a distance of 600 m we - two RR-males und three RR-bitches - should hunt a jackrabbit. With the help of technical equipment the jackrabbit was pulled through the meadow.

So...what should I say: after a distance of ca. 60 m we boys were fed up with it and gave our attention to much more interesting things ;-) But the girls accelerated fully. And how! Like professional they hunted the jackrabbit although they did it for the first time.

But I still don't know how someone wants to judge the thrill of the chase, intelligence, skills, condition and speed while coursing ;-)

Then there was the celebrating weekend: 25th anniversary of DZZR in camp Reinsehlen. The high temperatures bothered humans as well as dogs. Unbelievable, because it was may. We had a lot of great encounters with other dog-owner and handler.

Before I head off on vacation with my mistress and master I had a small family meeting in Schöningen. I met one of my sisters, one of my brothers and a halfbrother while taking part at this small dog-show. We had a lot of fun together and there was also a lot of time for talking.

Erfurt last dog-show for the first six month of 2018. At first we were a little bit shocked when we noticed: RR's are in the outdoor area. But we made the best of it. The weather was fine, there was enough space for hounds and the "tent-crowd" brought a special atmosphere. Results you can see here.

Now I'm having my vacation together with my family.

I'm hopefully going to see something new and special in the Vulkaneifel.

See you!

sunday, 13.05.2018

Speed-Dating Praha


„Is it possible to join a dogshow without traveling more than 3, 4 hours?“

My mistress did some research and found out something.

In Prague the „Mezinárodní výstava psu“ took place at 05th and 6th May...


And so we started our adventure on Friday evening and took up quarters in the district Letňany. But we were not able to get to know this quiet district that long. We had to go to bed early, because...

.... on Saturday the alarm clock went off at 4:45 am. Believe me..., I'm not an early bird. But in cases my mistress gets up that early, there is something cooking. 

Indeed there wasn't anything cooking this early morning at Lesopark Letňany, but some pert rabbits were occasionally crossing our route. But I only watched them.

After breakfast we packed up our stuff and started towards the showground Letňany. Everything went off relaxed...Well, we already arrived there at 7 am... So we were able to accustom with the new circumstances.

We couldn't finish gaping: the show ring looked completely different to the show rings we already know. And there was a whole hall quasi only for ridgebacks.

When I went into the ring together with Jenny she had to give our starting documents to one of the ring stewards. So we hadn't to wait very long after our presentation.

We finished our first presentation abroad with the result "very good 4" and I think Jenny and my mistress were very happy about that.

So we could derelict the show ground early that day and we decided that it is now

W E E K E N D !!!

We utilised it on saturday for relaxing, going for a spin, taking photos, sleeping and eating out.

According to our plan we had a speed-dating with Prague on Sunday. What a beautiful city, even if we just only watched a tiny part.

The sun smiled and we really liked it (but I'm not sure, if the marathoner liked it to...) and - I don't know why - a lot of people beamed at me (especially in our break when I waited patiently to get something of the food of my two-legged family).

Despite the big crowd on Charles Bridge I kept calm and accomplished my mistress' foto-desire.


The bottom line of this adventure is that we will be back in Prague on occasion. Maybe first with a little bit of working and after that we will have a speed-dating again. We really liked it in Prague!

Sunday, 29.04.2018

Lazy greetings from a relaxing and sunny weekend. After I had a lot of fun last weekend with the nine-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog Conni, I was allowed to help my mistress to garden this weekend.

Last week was a little bit tearful for my mistress. She was surprised and with this surprise a big wish of her came true. But take a look by yourself!

Friday, 13th.  Into the weekend!!


This time I'm going to have a cushy number (hopefully) and enjoy the sun in our garden.


Last sunday I was in Chemnitz together with my mistress and Jenny. Before we joined the show-ring there were a lot of interesting things to see for me.

Together with Jenny I gained a fairly "very good 3" in intermediate class.

As a reward I could be tooootally lazy on monday.


There was an unpleasent event for my mistress on wednesday.

In the current issue of the journal „Unser Rassehund“ a wrong result of HD/ED/OCD was published.

The right result is: OCD free.


So, now we will see, what will happen at the weekend.

Enjoy the spring!!

P.S. News in the kennel Panda-ma-tenga. Today on Friday 13th 13. "lion hunters" were born.

We are very thrilled with them!


Happy Easter to every body. Enjoy scaring the easter bunny and a lot of success in searching easter eggs.

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