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About me

I was born on 05.09.2016 in Katja Lisson's Tunapendana-Kennel in Hattorf together with 4 brothers and 6 sisters.

After a few visitations and 8 weeks later my new family was allowed to take me to my new home Dresden.

My family named me Ekundayo.

It derives its origin from the language of the Yoruba and means „black becomes joy“.

There is a special background: Because of my moving in a sad time had come to an end. After the death of their first ridgeback Akil Rahimu on 29.01.2016 - he was not even 7 years old - they passed a long time of sadness.

And I also got the second name Bongani which means "thankful" in the language of Zulu. It is because my family is very thankful that Katja trusted them and gave me to them..


In the first days I remembered my mistress how it is to have a little and curious Ridgeback at home, who wants to take everything in possession. Slalom around the furniture: cool. Killing the evil carpet: victory. Mistress' breakfast on the table: mine….

After we had tested a few times who has the bigger bullhead… I recognized it is better to follow the gaming-rules of my two-legged friends.


Over time we get to know each other better and now we appreciate us really great.

During the week I'm usually on the road with my mistress or master, sometimes my "Omma" deputizes as a dog-nanny, but at the weekend... I can act out my special 5 minutes together with Jenny (or with Helen or Jan or together with one of my dog-friends).


Usually we are on the road in and around Dresden at the weekend. But sometimes we spend weekend at dog-shows. My family decided that Jenny and I join the showring together because my mistress is always sooooo nervous.

I think we are doing it very well - take a look in our show results if you want to ensure.


And apart from that? I am not an early bird, I love cuddling with my two-legged family. If other dogs are hopping mad I prefer taking a look and keeping calm. Yes, I got a breed-typical interest for hunting, but ususally my two-legged family is faster and diverts my attention to much more interesting things.

Since spring this year my master want to make running tempting for me. On good days it works, but on bad days...


Now I will see which exciting things are going to happen the next months. If you want you can stop in from time to time.

   See you!

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