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breeding examination

Breeding examination successfully passed on 11th August

2018 without any restrictions. (judge: P. Stracke)

Equine conformation:

weight:        37 kg

height:         66,0 cm

full dentition scissor bite

Extracts of the breeding examination report:

head:        masculine, a bit small topof the head, correct ears, a bit bright eyes

neck:        matching to his body, a bit neck skin

shoulders:   correct stocked

back:        solid, straight, good length

croup:       correct stocked

thoracic:    very good chest depth

tail:          correct roots and length

paws:        vaulted enough, stong, matching to his body

angulation: correct in forehand and hindquarters

gun shoot proof

total impression:  medium-sized, balanced male

Wo soll das platziert werden.jpg
auf ZZP-Seite anstatt Katjas Bild.jpg
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