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Alia seemed to be a real south african bride and so her groome had to wait until may. But now they had their dates. 

Now we all are hoping that this mating was succesful. If nature wants it around the 22nd July little lion hunters are going to come into the world.

Until then we have to wait and hope.

If you are really interested in a puppy out of this mating please contact me or directly

Katrin & Steffen Müntzenberg; Tel: +49 34244 59747 (

We would like to inform you about Dayos first mating. Family Müntzenberg (04862 Mockrehna/OT Gräfendorf) chose him.

We are so pleased, lucky, exhausted and thankful, that Katrin & Steffen trust Dayo and us so much.


If you are really interested in a puppy do not hesitate to contact

Katrin & Steffen Müntzenberg

+49 34244 59747

More information you will find under:

More information:

Pictures of their first dates in december

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